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The Mahtomedi Middle School counseling department is an integral part of the Mahtomedi School District. We use a developmental approach to provide comprehensive, data-driven counseling services to ALL students. Using this model, we foster academic success, social/emotional growth, and career exploration.  Our department serves as a link between students, parents, teachers, and administrators. We strive to build strong connections, and have the unique opportunity to guide students through the sometimes challenging years of adolescent development. We are excited to have this opportunity to work with your child as part of their educational team!

Mahtomedi Middle School Counseling Department Staff

Nancy Fenton
Counseling Secretary
Chelsea Paquette
School Social Worker
Paul Beggin
Social Worker
Counselor: 6th Grade

Laura Snede 
School Psychologist: 6th & 7th grade
Scott Regnier
Counselor: 7th Grade
Carson McEvoy
School Psychologist: 8th grade
Ann Haschig
Counselor: 8th Grade