The entire Student Attendance Policy #503 can be found on the district website or is available at the school or district office.
Regular school attendance is directly related to academic achievement and benefits a student's social and emotional development. We strongly encourage families to schedule appointments and vacations when school is not in session. At the elementary level, school attendance is solely the family's responsibility, and at the secondary level, both students and families are responsible.  

What should I do if my student is late for school?

*Late due to a medical or dental/ortho appointment? All facilities/offices will print you an attendance ticket/note for your student to return to school. Please remind your student to bring it to the main office when they arrive after school has started.

*Send them in with a note – written and signed by the parent/guardian and brought to the main office for check-in.

*Use the On-Line Attendance form on the MMS website to pre-excuse them. Again, remind them to check in at the main office for an admittance slip!

What is the On-Line Attendance Form?
The On-Line Absence Reporting Form will help expedite accurate attendance reporting. After completing the form, MMS and the parent will be notified by e-mail of the absence, late arrival, or early dismissal. Please be aware that the parent alert will go to the e-mail submitted on the absence form. Use the ON-LINE ATTENDANCE FORM by 9:30 on the day of the absence. Students may leave class after showing a dismissal slip to the teacher and the main office.

Please be aware: The On-Line Absence form does not excuse them in the attendance system but must still be manually entered by the attendance clerk – it is an electronic parent/guardian note.

What should I do if my student needs an early dismissal?

It is not necessary to come completely into the building, but please buzz the main office on the intercom – located on the right-hand side and in the first entryway of MMS – to let us know you are here!

* Students may bring in a written excuse by the parent/guardian to the main office BEFORE THE START OF SCHOOL for a dismissal slip. Students may leave class after showing a dismissal slip to the teacher and the main office.

* Use the On-Line Attendance form on the MMS website to pre-excuse them. Again, remind them to pick up their dismissal slip at the main office.

What should we do with an extended absence – like a vacation?

* Students may bring a written excuse by the parent/guardian to the main office with the dates of a future absence.

* Use the On-Line Attendance form found on the MMS website to pre-excuse them – multiple forms are not necessary for multiple days - enter all dates of absence in the comment section.

Students are expected to be on time for each class. If students are habitually tardy to school, the office will assign an after-school or lunch detention after three unexcused tardies. Drop-off and Pick-up Lines are LONG in the morning and afternoon! Please plan accordingly – traffic, due to the long line, is UN-EXCUSED.

Mahtomedi Middle School Attendance Form Please use this link or the links below to report an absence. 

Absences are defined as follows:

Excused absences include:

  • Extreme family emergency - 
  • Illness
  • Medical, dental, or mental health appointments
  • Religious holidays
  • Death or bereavement of a student's immediate family member, relative or close friend
  • Court appearances
  • Physical emergency conditions such as a fire, flood, storm, etc.
  • College Visits, Drivers License Tests

Any absences for which the student has been excused in writing by an administrator

Unexcused Absences Include:

  • Babysitting
  • Don't want to go to school
  • Kicked off the bus
  • Missing the bus
  • Need for rest/sleep
  • Not being in the assigned location at school
  • Weather
  • Work
  • Skipping
  • Arriving at school without an acceptable reason.

Possible other reasons deemed by the administrator 

Absence Form Button


All of our K-12 schools use attendance forms for absence reporting. Please use the links below to report an absence.

The average student in the state of Minnesota misses a total of seven (7) days, excused and/or unexcused, in a school year. Students who miss more than seven days, excused or unexcused, are considered excessively absent. If there are attendance difficulties, you will be contacted by the school.   Please make every effort to improve attendance. We are required to report excessive absences to Washington County for possible Educational Neglect and Truancy.

Our Mission

The mission of Mahtomedi Middle School, an authentically connected community of Zephyrs dedicated to the fearless pursuit of personal growth is to ensure all students possess the academic, social, and emotional foundation for individual success while exploring passions and enhancing their joy of learning, through a vital system distinguished by:

  • A culture that fosters trusting relationships and belonging
  • An inclusive community that embraces and celebrates each individual
  • Exceptional learning experiences and diverse opportunities that inspire and challenge students inside and outside of the classroom
  • A culture that encourages curiosity and risk-taking and recognizes failure as a part of the learning process
  • A dynamic learning environment that is flexible and responsive
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Our School
Mahtomedi Middle School provides programming to allow each student to find success academically, socially, and emotionally. Our curriculum provides students exploratory opportunities in a variety of curricular areas that provide career and college ready experiences: engineering, art, music, health, family and consumer science, phy-ed, and Spanish. Our experienced staff is focused on the social and emotional development of the early adolescent and provides small advisory groups and individual success coaching. Academic offerings include accelerated and honors courses in math, science, and language arts as well as support classes for those students who need extra attention in skill-building and time management. In addition to academic coursework, our students also have opportunities to engage and explore through our co-curricular offerings. Individual student attention is the strength of Mahtomedi Middle School.