Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price of the tour?

Round trip airfare, transportation to and from the airport, coach transporation around DC, three meals each day (except breakfast on departure day), all fees for sites, guides, drivers and teacher chaperones.

How much money will my child need to bring for spending money?

This is an individual family decision, but plan for snacks between meals and souveniers. Most students bring between $50 and $100.

What is the ratio of chaperones to students?

There is one chaperone for every 15 students. At least two of the chaperones will be Middle School teachers.

What are the arrangements for the hotel?

Students select three friends to share one hotel room. There are two double beds in each room.

How are the students supervised overnight at the hotel?

Worldstrides provides floor security from 10:30pm until 6:00 am. Students are not allowed out of their rooms after 10:00 pm, and must keep the noise to a minimum. Teacher leaders receive a report in the morning of how the students behaved, and would be awakened during the night if any problems occurred.

When is the registration deadline?

It is best if students are registered by November 1, so they can participate in the group meetings and select roommates with the full group.
Students may register anytime up until airline tickets are secured, usually February 1st (approximately 2 months prior to departure). If a student registers after the arline tickets are secured by Worldstrides, the student would be placed on a wait list. The determining factor is an available seat on the group flight.

How will my child get to and from the airport?

Worldstrides provides coach transportation from the Middle School to the airport for departure, and from the airport back to the Middle school upon our return. Parents are welcome to meet their child at the airport upon our return, but we ask that you check with one of the teachers before taking your child from the group.

How will the group travel around DC?

The group is transported around DC by coach buses that stay with our group for our entire tour. Our driver and guide remain with our group, as well. The driver drops us at our site and then returns to pick us up after we have finished at the site. This has proven to be a time-saver and is extremely convenient for our group.

Contact: Julie Brown and Jim Anderson