Master Musician Outline

In an effort to reward students of high achievement and make the three years of band comprehensive and sequential, the Master Musician Program has been established.

In order to receive this award at the end of 8th grade, students must meet the following criteria:

· Pass the 9 Master Musician Exams (3 per year for 3 years)

· Solo and Ensemble participation for 3 years

· 8th grade project (Some possibilities include: report on composer, instrument or ethnography; or make an instrument , develop a music web site, compose a song)

Master Musician three component curriculum:

1. Theory - as it applies to the music being performed by the band at that time in a comprehensive and sequential format.

2. History - Each unit will emphasize a different musical period of study, following a chronological format, for example:

Grade Unit

6th 1 Medieval (300-1450)
2 Renaissance (1450-1600)
3 Baroque (1600-1750) Bach, Handel

7th 1 Classical (1750-1825) Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven
2 Romantic (1825-1900) Chopin, Liszt, Berlioz, Wagner
3 Impressionistic (1875-1920) Debussy, Ravel

8th 1 20th Century (1900 to present) Holst, Copland, Hansen, Grainger
2 Jazz (early 1900's to present) Joplin, Armstrong, Basie, Ellington
3 Pop (1950's to present) R & B, Surfing, Folk, British, Soul, Motown

3. Studying the instruments and music of various cultures including:

6th 1 Latin America

2 West Africa

3 Japan/China

7th 1 American Indian culture

2 Celtic Music

3 India/Middle East

8th 1 South America/Bolivia

2 Southeast Asia/Bali

3 Careers in Music

Students scoring 90% or above on the exam will receive 6 points toward the grade for that trimester. Every student will have a chance to retake the exam in order to qualify for the Master Musician award.


Students who earn the award at the end of their 8th grade year will be featured in the following ways:

• name on a permanent plaque in the band room

• an article/picture the district publication The Globe

• receive a personal plaque at the school awards ceremony

• acknowledged at their final spring concert

8th Grade Master Musician Final Project Criteria & Time Line:


Project may include: a report on a composer, instrument, or ethnography, composing a piece of music, or making an instrument. See Ms. Niziolek if you have another idea.

Project Time Line (non-report projects will follow the same time line for bench mark check-offs):

State intentions of completing pre-requisites Thursday, Jan. 17

Topic/Thesis Statement Wednesday, Jan. 23

Bibliography Cards Monday, Jan. 28

Notecards Friday, Feb. 1

Outline Thursday, Feb. 14

Rough Draft Thursday, Feb. 28

Must be typed and turned in on time with sources to receive further credit!!!!

Final Draft Friday, April 3

Must be typed and turned in on time to receive further credit!!!!

Required Parts of Final Draft in Order:

Cover page

Outline page


Annotated bibliography (5 sources - only 1 encyclopedia, CD ROM, or Web-site)

Original rough draft

Report must contain the following:

· at least 8 paragraphs (a strong introduction, six body paragraphs, and a good conclusion)

· typed rough and final draft using 12 point standard font (Geneva, Helvetica, Times New Roman etc.)

· must turn in sources with the rough draft

All Eight previous Master Musician tests must be passed by April 9th

The last test must be passed by May 1st.

Each student must have participated in 3 solo & ensemble performances by March 4th

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