Download SmartBoard Software


Students can download and install the SMART Notebook software on their computers at home for free. It is not a trial version, but a full version of the software. This will allow them to create their own work using the software or the ability to open up files created by their teacher.
o Software is available for both a PC and Mac
o Updates are also free to the students
o Please emphasize that this should only be done with or by a parent
 Go to
 Under the heading “Quick Links”, click the “Software downloads” link
 Under the heading “SMART Board software”, click the link for either Windows or Mac operating system link
 Under the heading for the full installation, click the “download” link
 On the next screen you are required to fill in the form. Under “Organization” enter “ISD 832”, under “Industry” enter “K-12”, and click the “Start download” button.