Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is an independent reading program.  Students read books that they have chosen (from the school library or public library) and then take a multiple choice test on the computer to assess their comprehension.  There are over 150,000 AR quizzes available and nearly half of them are nonfiction selections.  Besides personalizing and guiding independent reading, AR also helps develop lifelong readers and learners. 
AR accounts for 5% of a student’s reading grade.  Students are expected to read at least 2 books at thier independent reading level.  I spend a lot of time with students at the beginning of the year trying to help them pick a "just right" book. They do have time to read in class and I check in with them about what they are reading. However, we don't have enough time in class to finish reading 2 books and they will have to read at home. They should record what they read at home on their RAH (Read at Home) log. 

Students will be shown how to log in to their account, how to find out the point value of a book, and how to monitor their progress.  We encourage parents to occasionally check their progress on the computer.  Tests may only be taken at school.
Log-in Information
User name:     last name-first name                                               smith-sarah                 
Password:      student ID number                                                    681420
AR points earned, as well as quiz results, are on the AR website. To access the AR website, click here: Tests may be taken before or after school; during advisory depending on that days activities, or during work time in reading class.