Spanish 6: Syllabus

Español 6
Profecita Carlson

Voicemail: 651-407-2234
  • Respeto
  • Participación
  • No inglés

Student Skills:
  • Trust Me.
  • Practice Respect and Collaboration ALWAYS
    • ​Eyes & Shoulders to the speaker
    • Celebrate Mistakes
  • Be present. Make the most of work time.
    • Be prepared (Bring your supplies)!
    • Work from bell to bell
    • Practice quick transitions (first time listening)
    • Do What we are doing

Classroom Procedures 

• Students who need to leave the class for homework, class materials, bathroom breaks, etc. will be counted tardy. (Four passes are given each week for use in ALL classes).

• If you are not in a desk when the bell rings, you are tardy. You must be IN YOUR desk to be on time. Three tardies in one quarter or any three week period will result a detention and/or contact home.

• You may not leave class for an appointment without a release slip from the office.

• When the bell rings you are not excused until I excuse you. Be in your seat and quiet if you wish to be dismissed.

• If you move something in the room, put it back where you found it (desks, chairs, tables, etc.)

•Enter MY desk/computer/phone area only with my permission.

• Pencils from the pencil cup are available if you’ve forgotten yours. Paper is on the scrap pile. Do not remove items from MY desk/workspace without specifically asking me.

• Put trash in the trash. Put recyclables in the recycle bin.

Spanish Supplies -


• Somewhere to put your stuff:
Folder/section or small 3-ring binder JUST for Spanish.

• Something to write on:
Notebook (or loose leaf paper in 3-ring) JUST for Spanish.

• Something to write with.
Pen, pencil, etc.

• Small paperback Spanish/English dictionary.

RECOMMENDED: Have these available:



Colored Pencils/Fine Point Markers


Routine Management
For routine issues (gum, tardies, etc.) Profe Carlson will log issues. If incidents are persistent  students will have a consequences related to the routine to help build new habits. 

Behavior Management
If a student is not managing behavior his/her name will be written on the board/in my notebook.  Names are kept in the log from Friday to Friday. Repeated reminders to correct behavior will result in a consequence which is assigned on an individual basis with regard for the type of infraction.

Level 1 consequences are simply meant to be a reminder that a student's behavior has disrupted the class and s/he needs to correct the behavior.
It often involves simple tasks such as picking paper garbage off the floor, Listing problematic behaviors, or staying outside of class briefly.

Level 2 & 3 consequences are involve a higher time investment to compensate for a larger disruption in class and again vary depending on the infraction
  1. Reminder
  2. Warning
  3. Inidividual consequence (lvl 1)
  4. Consequence (lvl 1 or 2) & parents notified
  5. Consequence (lvl 2) & office/guidance involved
  6. Consequence (lvl 2 or 3) & potential parent/student/teacher conference/other
*If a student is regularly moving up the ladder s/he may start higher up on a new week so the student does not take advantage of reminders/warning.


• Spanish grading weights:

Summative Assessments (Final):

Tests, Projects, etc. : 70%

Formative Assessment (practice/ongoing): 

Daily work, Other: 30%


• Most class work receives a quality/completion grade and points are assigned in the grade book.

• Students should monitor grades online with their parents. Questions regarding grade status and make-up work are ONLY taken before and after school (or via email) or in advisory, NOT during class.

• Retakes on tests are available as time allows. They are earned by completing a minimum of 80% of the chapter homework and filling out a retake-planning form (available on the "notes" tab). A similar process is followed for summative projects, but varies depending on the details of the given project.

• If I ask for work to be turned in, use the in-box.
-Your class’s in-box will have your class hour for each class.
-Put your papers in the correct box.
-If you were gone, a copy of the previous day’s papers will be in an absent folder in your in-box and/or you may visit with me at the beginning of class, advisory, before/after school.

• Label papers and fill out and worksheets with your name, date and class information; if papers are not labeled with this information, your work may be counted late or missing.

• Make-up work should be turned in promptly after an absence. (General guidelines are two days for an unplanned absence and one for each planned if not provided before the absence). Write absent on papers turned in to avoid a late penalty. If work is not turned in promptly points may be deducted from the final grade.

• Students are responsible for contact the teacher at an appropriate time before a planned absence.

• Late work receives a maximum deduction of 10% per day late. All turned in work will receive minimal 50% credit. Zeros are BAD!

• When you receive graded work, KEEP IT IN YOUR FOLDER until you receive a grade report or check SchoolView to verify that your score was properly recorded.

• Use the website (above) to find daily lesson plans and/or homework.


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