Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!
I am looking forward to a year of learning and growth.
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Amanda Hudak
Reading Essentials 6
The focus of this course will be on research based instructional practices, which develop / enhance literacy skills. A variety of reading strategies will be taught through different genres of literature. In addition, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and test taking skills will be integrated throughout the year. In this class, you will strengthen your basic reading skills. We will be utilizing multiple strategies which will address the following areas: • Decoding/Fluency – Students who read fluently, read smoothly and easily, without pausing to figure out the words. As a result, they can focus on meaning rather than word recognition. In class, we will practice daily using the program Six Minute Solution. • Vocabulary – Students will acquire, understand, and use new vocabulary through explicit instruction and independent reading. Students will be working with word parts (prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots) to increase their understanding of multi-syllable words. • Comprehension – Reading strategies are explicitly taught to increase understanding of fictional and information text, including text book reading. Students use these strategies to understand and answer literal and inferential comprehension questions about what they have read. In class, time will be spent modeling these strategies and students will have time in class to apply these strategies to their independent and assigned reading with support from an adult and then independently. In class, these strategies will be modeled and taught using the Making Meaning Program. Strategies include: visualizing, questioning, making connections, monitoring comprehension, inferring, determining importance, summarizing
Math Strategies
Math Strategies is a supplemental class to support students with their math skills. This class is individualized to each student and does not have any additional work to be completed outside of class unless students are absent. Please contact me with any questions.