Math 6: Syllabus

Math 6 Syllabus
Welcome to MATH 6
With Mrs. Gertz

The Math 6 book is published by Holt McDougal.  This curriculum has excellent online support.  Students can access an online textbook, watch lesson tutorial videos, use virtual manipulatives, have access to online homework help, and work with interactive quizzes and tests. 
          Math concepts will be reinforced with a variety of games in math class, and we will base our curriculum on the MN state math standards. 
 Please contact me if you have something to share about your child.  It is going to be a great year in math!
How to get a hold of me:
  • Note: The best time to reach me is between 2:30 and 3:30 pm.
Helpful Information for Sixth Graders::
            My website has daily assignments and online math resources available for the students to use.  It is found on the Mahtomedi Middle School website.  Students can also access the online textbook from my web page buttons.
Website  =
Username = “”
Password = Six Digit Student ID Number and ends with “mps”
Your child’s grade for this class will be weighted:
  • 70% from test scores
  • 15%. from quizzes
  • 15% from daily homework assignments & basic skill assessments
3 – Assignment is complete, with all work shown, and there are 5 or less errors
2 – Assignment is complete, with all work shown, but there are more than 5 errors
1 – Assignment is complete with little or no work shown OR only half of the assignment is complete
0 - Very little of the assignment is complete, or assignment is not turned in.
            Your sixth grader will be given some homework to complete outside of class. I expect students to do their best on the assignments.  I do not expect mastery when a concept is introduced, but I do expect children to complete the work.  The sixth grade math teachers view homework as “practice” for an assessment.  If a child’s homework is not done, this will be reflected in Schoolview daily.  That will be a reminder for the student to complete the work.  If an assignment is not completed, the student has until the end of the chapter to finish the work.  ALL LATE WORK FOR MATH IS DUE BY DAY OF THE SUMMATIVE/CHAPTER TEST FOR THAT PARTICULAR CHAPTER.
·        85% of your child’s grade will be based on assessments (tests & quizzes)
·         Your child will be able to RETAKE CHAPTER TESTS.  Students are expected to complete a “test retake” form and show it to me to arrange a time to retake the test.  This “retake” test will, obviously, be a different test, but it will cover the same material as the first test. Students have one week to retake tests.
Math 6 Concepts for 6TH Grade:              GRADING SCALE:
  1. Algebraic Reasoning                                   A       93-100%
  2. Integers & Rational Numbers                     A-      90-92%
  3. Applying Rational Numbers                      B+     87-89%
  4. Proportional Relationships                        B       83-86%
  5. Functions and Graphs                                B-      80-82%
  6. Percents                                                      C+     77-79%
  7. Geometric Figures                                       C       73-76%
  8. Algebraic Formulas for 2-D Shapes           C-      70-72%
  9. Algebraic Formulas for 3-D Shapes           D+     67-69%
  10. Probability                                                  D       63-66%
  11. Multi-Step and Inequalities                        D-      60-62%
  12. Graphing Lines


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