Pre Algebra : Syllabus



Mrs. Sarah Gertz

Room 223



Materials Needed:     two spiral bound notebooks, loose leaf paper (for assignments), scientific calculator (with a fraction key), pencils (lots of them), and a strong willingness to think independently, learn from all possible resources, and work cooperatively with fellow students


Promptness:               You must be in your assigned seat before the bell rings.  

                                    Consequences: 1st-warning, 2nd-break, 3rd and on-15 minutes of

                                    detention each and contact home if too excessive.


Homework:                Homework will be assigned and corrected daily.  Homework will be worth up to 3 points and will be checked not only for correctness, but also for work shown. Points are taken off for lack of work shown, incomplete work, or late work.


Grading:                    3 parts: homework, quizzes, and tests.  Your grade is based on the percentage of total points you receive each quarter.

(Homework: 10%, Quizzes: 15%, and Tests: 75%)

                                                100-93% A                             76-73%  C

                                                 92-90%  A-                            72-70%  C-

                                                 89-87%  B+                           69-67%  D+

                                                 86-83%  B                              66-63%  D

                                                 82-80%  B-                            62-60%  D-

                                                 79-77%  C+                           59- 0 %  F


Detentions:                 You have 3 days to make up detention time.  If it is not made up in that time, your time will double and I will contact home.  You will then have three more days to make up the time and then it’s turned into the office. 


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