Math test retake policy:

Retakes are allowed on chapter tests.

(Retakes are allowed on chapter tests)
Student Name:                                                 Date of RETAKE (list 3 possibilities):                            
I would like to retake the test for chapter                       
Retakes are usually given after school 2:30 – 3:30.   Make sure you have a ride home and your parents know you are staying after school.
Look at your original test result. What concepts from the chapter did you struggle with?
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*****************************************************************************                                       Effective practices for studying.
The practice of permitting a retake is a good learning opportunity.  In order to fully make the most of this opportunity, these are some suggestions for studying.  (Homework for the chapter must be completed.)
            Review on-line review activities from the text book website.
  • Watch lesson videos, complete online homework help, play a game, etc.
            Review the “review packet” that was done in class and/or the notes in my math notebook.
            Fill out a notecard with information from the chapter.
            Complete questions from the “extra practice” page found in the back of the book
  • Note: the extra practice pages have a green tab along the side.
            Create a test of your own to take.
            Complete unfinished homework assignments if any.
            Peer tutor session/review with a friend/parent. (Name:                                        )
            Create a foldable or flashcards to review.
_____ On a separate piece of paper, redo the test questions that you had wrong
            Other (please describe)