Pre-algebra chapter 5 challenge

Part 1:
Read about golden rectangle at
Read about golden construction at
Do challenge assignment on making golden rectangle
Part 2:
Read about whirling Fibonacci squares at
Use a calculator to make a table of the ratio of the long side versus the short side and what the ratio equals when you divide the side lengths (instead of using the spreadsheet). Make a table of as many ratios as you can.
Long side.    Short side.     Divide long by short
1                       1                         1
2                       1                        2
3                      2                       1.5
Create whirling Fibonacci squares using graph paper and do challenge worksheet.
Part 3:
Read and do sheep talk problem at
Read and create The gnomon
Do challenge worksheet
Research places in nature that have the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence. Make a list and suggest some topics for further research.

Part 6: explore the website used in previous parts and try a different activity.