Hybrid Schedule School Hours at Mahtomedi Middle School

School Day

9:00 am-2:30 pm - Students are not allowed in the building until 8:30 am

Weekly Schedule

5 days a week of continuous learning: All secondary students are in person for two days and distance learning three days a week.

School and Classroom Capacity

Due to capacity limits, four days a week:

50% of students will be in the building each day

50% of students will be engaged in structured learning in a Distance Learning format.

On the fifth day, all students will engage in structured, face-to-face instruction in a distance learning format.

Distance Learning

Platform: Secondary students will use Google Classroom. 

The distance learning format will be continuous learning every day; online, daily instruction with teachers based on a regular schedule; face-to-face and recorded lessons to provide flexibility; online, small group instruction; and independent practice and feedback.