United States History 7
Room 240
Mr. Merthan

Class Description:
Students will survey the development of the United States as a country from the end of the American Revolution to the modern times. Our study of U.S. History will be shaped by these six themes of Social Studies: Economics, Government, Culture, Citizenship, Geography, and Technology. U.S. History 7 will provide students the knowledge and skills valuable to being successful in high school and assist in providing enduring skills for life beyond school.
History Alive: The United States Through Modern Times
Units of Study:
Unit 1: The U.S. in the Modern Era
Unit 2: Launching the New Republic
      Unit 3: An Expanding Nation
      Unit 4: Americans in the Mid-1800s
      Unit 5: The Union Challenged
      Unit 6: Migration and Industry                  
      Unit 7: Civil Rights in America
      Unit 8: A Modern Nation Emerges
Classroom Expectations
  • Students come prepared for class everyday
  • Students participate as much and as often as they feel comfortable
  • Students should do the right thing
Grading Scale
Course work  10%
Quizzes 15%
Tests and Projects 75%
93 - 100%  = A
90-92%      = A-
87 -89%     = B+
83-86%      = B
80-82%      = B-
77-79%      = C+
73-76%      = C
70-72%      = C-
  67-69%      = D+
63-66%      = D
60-62%      = D-
Classroom Materials:
Students should bring with them a notebook, folder, writing utensil and their planner every day.
Re-Take Policy:
Students may correct any assignment or retake any quiz/test in the allotted time.   In order for a student to retake any of the above, they must meet with me at least one day before the given deadline.    
Absences and Makeup Work:
Students receive 2 days for every class missed unless other arrangements have been made through communicating with the teacher. ………………….