High School Music Registration Information



The following information was discussed at our registration information meeting on Tuesday, December 19. The schedule at the high school is not the easiest to navigate but being a music student allows for different flexibility than not being in music.  We have compiled the notes from this meeting as well as some information regarding the process of keeping music in your student’s schedule. If after reading this document, you have further questions, please do not ever hesitate to contact us.


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MHS Director of Choral Activities                   MHS Director of Instrumental Music Education



  1. Physical Education and Health: Students who are enrolled in a music class at MHS DO NOT have to take Physical Education and Health during their 9th and 10th grade years. These courses can be flexed in their schedule throughout grades 9-12 as long as they are registered for a music class. Additionally, students may take other physical education classes with upperclassmen as they go through so that they aren’t an 11th or 12th grade student in a 9th grade PE class.

  1. Online Health and PE Options or Alternate PE Options: There was a great discussion about this at the meeting. Some families have even looked at taking these classes through neighboring school districts community education Summer Programs. The high school also offers online options but they do have a price. Some families have gone through the Bringham Young University online classes for a reduced cost. New this year in the course guide for high school classes there are online classes listed for Health and PE. These classes would take the place of a course during the regular school day and limit scheduling options potentially. This is also new to our registration this year and so we will update you as we learn more about these classes.

  1. Other Online Course Options: Students have been known to take other requirements during the summer or outside of the school day in order to free-up more time in their schedule during the school year. These are options but at an added expense.

  1. Four Year Plan: Your student, Incoming Grade 9, will be asked to make a 4 year plan. This plan will look a little different than their non-music friends and this is okay. If you have a student who is an upperclassman, this is in place and we are already working through this.

  1. PSEO, AP, CIS: These are all very important things at MHS. The most important thing is that your student stays in music if they want to stay in music. We can accommodate this if we are part of the conversation and planning. Additionally, students who enroll in PSEO classes need to work with their PSEO counselor and let them know that they still want to be enrolled in their music classes at MHS and what are their options. These options shouldn’t limit the involvement of your child in music class.

  1. Music Registration: If your student wants to be in music or you want your student to be in music, this is possible. You may need to keep this as the focus of registration discussions with your counselor due to the large number of students who they are responsible for. We want your students to stay in music as it enriches all areas of their life, supports data that demonstrates high test scores, allows them to study a life-long skill, and to keep making music for music’s sake.

  1. Music is a great area for Balance: As a member of our music department, students have the opportunity to have a great class where they are making music and finding a little balance in a busy high school schedule.

  1. Member of a Community: Being a music student immediately has your student become a member of a community of students and allows them a place to find a develop relationships with other students both in and across all grade levels.