Anita Larsen
Welcome to my Mahtomedi Middle School web page!

Thank you for stopping by to visit my webpage!  It's hard to believe the 2018-2019 school year is more than halfway over - Time flies when you are having fun and building new skills!

At the bottom of this page, you will find links that describe my Work Zone, Math Strategies, and English Essentials 6 classes. To the left, you will find links to online resources for a variety of useful and informative sites.  Please explore them.

At individual teacher web pages, you will also find resources to aid in assignment completion, academic skill building, and organization.  I hope you find resources helpful.  Please note, my Math Strategies class is a supplemental math program.  Students will have time in class to complete assignments as well as receive assistance with homework from their general education math class. Students will not have additional Math Strategies homework unless they are absent.  

Continue to have a wonderful, productive school year and please contact me if you have any questions.

Zephyr Time
Zephyr Time is a 22 minute class period. Students check their grades in Synergy and write in their daily planner. Every Tuesday, all Zephyr Time classes participates in the school's social emotional learning program, Second Step. Each Second Step lesson, topic, usually includes discussion activities and a short video on topics relevant to middle school students. The program is designed to help students develop personal responsibility as well as social and emotional well-being.
Work Zone
This is a supplemental class where students work on their organization, work completion, and study skills. No additional work is assigned in this class. Please contact me with any questions about this class.
Math Strategies
Math Strategies consists of three main components: 1) A mini standards based lesson, which usually takes 10-20 minutes. 2) Math facts practice to improve automaticity. 3) Math Homework Completion with guided assistance as needed. If a student does not have math homework to complete, they will complete the online tutorial for extra guided practice and reinforcement of skills. This tutorial is found on their general education math teacher's website. There is no outside homework assigned for this class. However, when students are absent, they need to complete the mini Math Strategies lesson online, which can be done before school, after school, in a work zone, or at home. These lessons are found on Ms. Ahrens' website, under "Math Strategies".
English Essentials 6
This class is an individualized English Language Arts (Reading and Writing) program. Occasionally I co-teach this class with Ms. Sortland for specific units. We work together to make appropriate accommodations and ensure success for each student.