Carson McEvoy - Mahtomedi Middle School Psychologist

Greetings and salutations! My name is Carson McEvoy and I am the school psychologist at the Mahtomedi Middle and High School for grades 7-12. I have been a school psychologist since since 2014, graduating from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. Prior to working in Mahtomedi, I worked across the border in Osceola, Wisconsin.

School psychologists can play a variety of different roles. A large portion of my position is consulting with teachers, parents, and administrators to coordinate special education services in the building and facilitating the special education evaluation process.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. You can reach me by calling 651.407.2249 or emailing me at .

You can learn more about the many roles of a school psychologist by visiting the website of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). A list of NASP positions on a variety of school topics can also be found here.