What is Special Education?

Special education is individualized instruction provided for students who are struggling in academics, social skills, or functional skills when compared to their peers. The goal of special education is to support support a student's individual needs and help them grow. Depending on needs of the individual, the student may receive services alongside his or her peers in the regular education classroom setting or he or she may receive services in a smaller group (or even individual setting). A student's services are summarized in an individual education plan (IEP).

Student's qualify for special education by meeting one or more of the 13 special education categories. More information about these disability categories and the specific eligibility criteria checklists can be found at the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Please note that there are specific criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for special education.  Although medical information is important to provide to your child’s educational team, know that the criteria needed to meet educational criteria may differ from medical diagnoses