In the event of an e-Learning day on the day of your Reading Essentials course, please follow these directions: 

* Read for 15-20 minutes from your Independent reading book.  If you do not have your book, you can read an article from Scholastic Action Magazine online, or a newspaper.

* Choose ONE of the following prompts to write about on a google doc or looseleaf sheet of paper.  You only need to to write one paragraph per prompt. 

Remember, you should complete one option per e-learning day.  Therefore, if there are three e-Learning days, you will read for 15-20 minutes each day and write about a different prompt per day, totaling three paragrpahs.  Please do not repeat the same prompt more than once.

Please record the name of the book or article along with the date at the top of your paper. Here are your choices:

Prompt 1-  Simple Retell-  In a parapgraph, summarize a chapter or section.

Prompt 2-  Personal Experience-  Write a paragraph about a connections of something from the book your own personal life.

Prompts 3-  Judge-  Critique a person's action or attititude in a paragraph.

Prompt 4-  What Would I Do?  Explain in a paragraph what would you have done in the same siutation as the character.

Prompt 5-  Exciting Moment-  Describe in a paragraph a suspenseful moment and explain why it was exciting.

Prompt 6-  Letter-  Write a letter to a character in the story as if he or she could write back.