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Student & Family Handbook and Verification Form
This year, we have consolidated the school building student and family handbooks into one district handbook.

The new handbook format is intended to ensure that all families receive the relevant information in the same manner. The handbook is also electronic, making it easy to save to your Google Drive and allow easy access when you need the information. The handbook is hyperlinked with sections, allowing you to navigate to a certain section by clicking on that area in the table of contents. The handbook includes general information about the district, district policies and practices, and building-specific policies and practices. The handbook is available online here and under Quick Links on all of our school building web pages.

All students and Parents/Guardians must verify that they have read and understand the General Information and School Policies and the Summaries of District Policies contained in the Mahtomedi Public Schools Student and Family Handbook for 2019-20.

In addition, students and Parents/Guardians must verify that they have read the school district policies (Policy #524) relating to safety and acceptable use of the school district computer system and the Internet.

Both verifications take place via the Mahtomedi Student and Family Handbook Verification Google Form (below).

Please submit only one form per student, please review together as a family.

Mahtomedi Middle School Handbook Verification Form
Please complete the Middle School Verification Form by August 27 (Middle School Orientation).
If you are unable to complete the form prior to August 27, Chromebooks will be available at Orientation.