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Ahrens, Katie Teacher Math MS 651-407-2245
Albrecht, Amy Teacher Gr 7 Math 651-407-2246
Allen, Bryan Teacher Phy Ed MS 651-407-2213
Anderson, Derek Teacher Language Arts MS 651-407-2241
Anderson, Jim Teacher Geography MS 651-407-2206
Barry, Leanne Teacher Reading MS 651-407-2226
Beaulieu, Lorrie Teacher Language Arts MS 651-407-2221
Beggin, Paul Counselor/Social Worker 651-407-2224
Beyer, Adam Teacher Engineering 651-407-2285
Boche, Carrie Teacher Health MS 651.407.2218
Bolea, Taryn Teacher Math MS 651-407-2269
Bolte, Rachel Secretary to Principal 651-407-2203
Brown, Julie Teacher Geography MS 651-407-2240
Bruggers, Stephanie Principal - Middle School 541-407-2201
Bruhn, Laurie Teacher Special Education 651-407-2299
Brust, Dee Teacher English Language Learners 651-762-5833
Buttermore, Julie Media Paraprofessional 651-407-2230
Carlson, Brooke Teacher Spanish 651-407-2234
Cichosz, Kathleen Teacher Language Arts MS 651-407-2228
Collins, Jackie Associate Principal, MS 651-407-2233
Collins, Ryan Teacher Social Studies MS 651-407-2252
Conzemius, Julie Teacher Vocal MS 651-407-2232
Dahl, Annie Teacher Family and Consumer Science MS 651.762.5855
Dobson, Dennis Teacher Social Studies MS 651-407-2247
Dosland, Katie Teacher Science 651-407-2257
Dvorak, Dana Teacher Phy Ed MS 651.407.2214
Eick, Jody Desktop Support Specialist 651-762-5877
Enright, Laura Gifted & Talented Coordinator 651-407-2319
Erb, Spencer North Homes Children and Family Services 651.407.2200
Erlenborn, Elizabeth Technology TOSA 651-407-2111
Fenton, Nancy Secretary Guidance 651-407-2204
Fleming, Vicky Health Paraprofessional 651-762-5943
Gale, Ann MLP Peer Coach 651-407-2257
Gertz, Sarah 651-407-2238
Glaser, Julie Teacher Science 651-407-2254
Graham, Julie Cafeteria Manager 651-407-2209
Haen, Elisabeth Technology TOSA 651-407-2243
Harrigan, Kim Lunchroom Paraprofessional
Haschig, Ann Counselor MS 651-407-2263
Heagle, Kristin Teacher Science 651-407-2284
Helgeson, Scott Lunchroom Paraprofessional 651-407-2200
Hudak, Amanda Teacher Special Education 651-407-2272
Irsfeld, Lisa Teacher Phy Ed MS 651-407-2265
Jacobson, Shannon Teacher Phy Ed MS 651-407-2213
Johnson, Shannon Teacher Math MS 651-407-2242
Kedrowski, Masako Paraprofessional 651-407-2200
Ketzner, Beth Spec Education Paraprofessional
Klinkhammer, Pam
Koren, Megan Desktop Support Specialist 651-762-5877
Korich, Lily Teacher Language Arts MS 651-407-2262
Kornbaum, Will Teacher Social Studies MS 651-407-2227
Kowsky, Gail Teacher Art MS 651-407-2286
Lewis, Katie Counseling Intern 651.407.2200
Lindahl, Lori Teacher Life Sci MS 651-407-2256
Mancini, Virginia Teacher Language Arts MS 651-407-2250
Markoe, Rachel North Homes Children and Family Services 651-407-2207
Mascou, Amanda Media Paraprofessional 651.407.2200
McEvoy, Carson School Psychologist MS 651-407-2249
McEvoy, Carson School Psychologist MS 651-762-5873
McKusick, Kelly Teacher Spec Ed EBD MS 651-407-2261
McMahon, Megan District Nurse 651-407-2169
Mekuria, Beth Spec Education Paraprofessional 651-407-2200
Merrick, Alaina Counselor MS 651-407-2235
Metz, Leroy Head Custodian, MS 651-407-2215
Molitor, Jane Paraprofessional
Newman, Keith Teacher Gr 8 Math 651-407-2244
Niziolek, Linda Teacher Band MS 651-407-2229
Oswald, Jean Media Specialist - Secondary 651-762-5912
Paquette, Chelsea School Social Worker HS 651-407-2260
Peper, Katie School Nurse MS 651-407-2216
Pilla, Karen Lunchroom Paraprofessional 651-407-2200
Rohrig, Joyce Receptionist 651-407-2202
Rolling, Julie Licensed Professional Counselor 651-407-2277
Schmiesing, Lisa Spec Education Paraprofessional 651.407.2200
Sims, Mack North Homes Children and Family Services 651.407.2200
Soderlind, Lindsey Teacher Special Education 651-407-2239
Starkey, Donna Paraprofessional
Tangen, Suzette Paraprofessional
Theisen, Julie Teacher Math MS 651-407-2251
Thoma, Nicole Educ Speech/Lang Path SE 651-762-5951
Thompson, Trevor Teacher Special Education 651-407-2281
Tjornhom, Diane Teacher Spanish 651-407-2287
Tussey, Laura Teacher Language Arts MS 651-407-2253
Wagner, Leslie Teacher Science 651-407-2211
Wagner, Peter Custodian 651.407.2200
Ward, Jennifer Teacher Social Studies MS 651-407-2248
Willers, Catherine Teacher Life Sci MS 651-407-2255

Our Mission

The mission of Mahtomedi Middle School, an authentically connected community of Zephyrs dedicated to the fearless pursuit of personal growth is to ensure all students possess the academic, social, and emotional foundation for individual success while exploring passions and enhancing their joy of learning, through a vital system distinguished by:

  • A culture that fosters trusting relationships and belonging
  • An inclusive community that embraces and celebrates each individual
  • Exceptional learning experiences and diverse opportunities that inspire and challenge students inside and outside of the classroom
  • A culture that encourages curiosity and risk-taking and recognizes failure as a part of the learning process
  • A dynamic learning environment that is flexible and responsive
Mahtomedi Middle School ISD #832
8100 75th Street North, Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Phone: 651.407.2200
Fax: 651.407.2225
Our School
Mahtomedi Middle School provides programming to allow each student to find success academically, socially, and emotionally. Our curriculum provides students exploratory opportunities in a variety of curricular areas that provide career and college ready experiences: engineering, art, music, health, family and consumer science, phy-ed, and Spanish. Our experienced staff is focused on the social and emotional development of the early adolescent and provides small advisory groups and individual success coaching. Academic offerings include accelerated and honors courses in math, science, and language arts as well as support classes for those students who need extra attention in skill-building and time management. In addition to academic coursework, our students also have opportunities to engage and explore through our co-curricular offerings. Individual student attention is the strength of Mahtomedi Middle School.